Annual General Meeting – May 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Management Committee will take place in May this year. 

The Management Committee comprises of Elected Members and Appointed Members. Appointed Members represent the Parish Councils and Sports Clubs/Organisations that use the facilities on the playing field.

Elected Members represent the residents of Whatton and Aslockton and there are two representatives for each village. Should any resident of either village wish to become a member of the Playing Field Management Committee, then please forward your interest to the following email address,



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Parish Tree Scheme

Rushcliffe Borough Council have adopted a Parish Tree Scheme as part of an initiative to increase the number of trees in the Borough. Aslockton Parish Council very kindly offered to dedicate their allocation to be planted on the playing field. These trees have now been planted.

Amongst the trees that have been planted are Oak, Willow, Field Maple, Wild Cherry, Crab Apple, Lime and a Horse Chestnut. The Horse Chestnut has been donated by a local resident.

The trees will eventually enhance and add to the character of the field.

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Phase One of Regeneration Project Underway

The Management Committee has now formed a Sub Committee to discuss options for the development and upgrades to the play equipment and the infrastructure of the playing field. The Sub Committee will be meeting with advisors and representatives from relevant third parties to progress these options.

All news regarding this progress will be shown under the ‘Projects’ tab of this website.

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The Management Committee has now secured funding from Notts County Council Local Improvement Scheme, funds from the Aslakr Park developers and the Co-op Community Scheme. We were unsuccessful in our bid with Aviva.

Work can now be planned on Phase 1 of the regeneration of the playing ground. This will include child play equipment, perimeter fencing, sports equipment and furniture.

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