Aviva Community Fund bid for WAPFT Play Area Project

To all local residents. As part of our efforts to secure funding for the Play Area on the Playing Field we have submitted a bid for £10,000 to the Aviva Community Fund. In order to get to the next stage we need as many people as possible to vote for it.

Remember to spread the word by sharing our project – everyone you tell can cast 10 votes, which they can spread between different projects or just one, as they choose.

Here’s the link, which you can cut and paste into your browser. You can also click on it directly in the tag below. Here you can find out more about the project and cast your votes.


This will go a long way towards hitting our target budget of £50K so please vote!


The Whatton-Aslockton Playing Field Trust

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Pavilion and Playground Project

Following the consultation carried out last year, the WAPFT has been working hard to secure funding for the proposal. So far we have secured £7,000 from our two Parish Councils, and should be due to receive a minimum of £30k from the Section 106 contribution as a result of Abbey Lane development. We are fighting hard to secure this and additional monies from the development not necessarily earmarked for the Playing Field and Pavilion Project, but which would nevertheless be well spent in our two villages as oppose to Bingham and other parts of Rushcliffe.

The consultation showed strong support (over 75%) from the residents that responded, which equated to almost a fifth of households in Aslockton and Whatton combined. In addition the consultation also showed strong support for investment in the children’s play area, which wasn’t part of the consultation. Following changes in the officer positions within the Trust we are now actively pursuing a playground project as part of our efforts to improve the playing field facilities. We are also looking into local fundraising in the form of fun runs and activities by our local sports clubs.

Nevertheless there are distinct challenges in raising this money in the current climate with limited funding available for areas like ours. We would encourage any local residents with ideas to get involved in supporting the project.

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Consultation results to be discussed by the Committee

The results of the Consultation will be discussed by the Playing Field Committee at the next meeting on Tuesday 8th November 2016, prior to being passed to the Trustee.

The Interim Results will be published on this site once the Committee have discussed them and they have been passed to the Trustee.

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The Playing Field Consultation Documents including the Survey, should by now have been delivered to all Households in both parishes.  If you have not received them either e-mail: project@wapft.org or project@wapft.org.uk  and you will be e-mailed the documents.
Alternatively you can download the documents from this site.
It is vitally important that we obtain a wide a view has possible. Whether you agree with the project or not, whether you currently use or potentially will use the playing field in the future or not please complete the survey.
The Playing Field is a Community Asset and it’s future development will be guided by the results of the Survey.
This is the first time that such a comprehensive consultation has taken place in either Aslockton or Whatton-in-the-Vale which underlines the Whatton and Aslockton Playing Field Trust’s commitment to full Community involvement in the future direction of the Playing Field and it’s facilities. Please support that view by completing the survey.
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